Turn signal and stop lights

Have i queer sort of question for you two. I have a 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Z34 that has had a sequence of seemingly unrelated problems.

It all started with the four way flasher button popping out of its socket, I figured that stress over the years broke it and using daily it finished it off. OK.

Next, a turning signal bulb (left) burned out - first lamp to go since I purchased the car (new in 1999), didn’t think much of it and replaced the bulbs on both sides - they were 11 years old.

Next, the battery which was a little over three years old had the bottom drop out - I started the car - went to the store (for some ice cream) and when I came out the battery was too dead to start the car (no prior notice). I called AAA, they jumped it - car ran until I put it in gear - it stalled out (not enough juice to excite the diodes?). We replaced the battery.

This morning I dropped my better (calmer) half at the health club (by the way, my ice cream melted!) stuck my pinky into the hole where the 4 way button used to live to turn on the 4 way flashers so I wouldn’t get rear ended, when I turned them off and put on my left turn signal there was nothing. I had no signal lamps.

I got home and started to test - went through the light bulbs - they are ok, I tested the parking and tail lights, they work. Tested the fuses, there seem to be three fuses for the tail and brake lights, they are all good but I replaced them anyway.

The four way flashers still operate as advertised and the brake light in the rear window still works so I assume the circuits that they reside on are good.


battery - good

alternator - charging

fuses - replaced (3 - 15 amp)

bulbs - replaced (rear)

there are no error codes

good luck

if you need it or have any questions i can be reached at Nuthouse Notes or

202 251 1078

hope to hear something soon or I will be forced to drive the Mercedes rather than a good car!

It sounds like a classic case of a GM multi-function switch failure. This switch is located in the steering column, and requires removal of the steering wheel to replace it. If there’s an air bag in the steering wheel, this repair is best left to someone who has expierience with the removal/reinstallation of the air bag.


The connections for the turn signals go through the hazard light switch (what you are calling the four way flashers.) I would bet that you need to replace that switch. On some cars it is a part of the multi-function switch. I don’t know if that is the case for yours.

Thanks for the confirmation. Having replaced all the rest I feared that the problrm was there but just didn’t want to admit it. I guess that it is happy trails to chevrolet!

same as above, wish I had a tardis about now.