Auto transmission problem, 97 silverado, 5.7 v8, 2wd ext cab

My son’s truck was driving fine, he said he heard no noises but after taking off from a light 1st and 2nd gear worked fine but at third there was no power. The engine RPM went very high but no power transferred to the drive wheels. 1st and second gear work fine. He took the truck to a shop and they said 3rd and 4th gear were worn down and would have to be replaced. Cost est $1400. Does this sound reasonable? We just want to know before we authorize the repair.

Yes it does. This transmission is known for its weak 3-4 clutches. $1400 is pretty cheap. I would recommend that you talk with this transmission shop and make sure they do the following:

Upgrade the 3-4 clutch stack up
Upgrade the sun shell
Upgrade the valve body (TCC regulator valve)

These three things need to be done at the very least. If you want me to give you the full list of things that should be done let me know and I will post them too.


As I understand it, the 3-4 clutch pack is a weak point on this transmission. It carries the majority of the engine torque in 3rd and the full engine torque in 4th so it is under a lot of load.

IMHO it may be worth a try to drop the pan, check for debris, clean the pan, change the filter, install the pan with gasket, refill, and test drive for effect.

Hopefully transman618 will pipe in with the definitive answer.

Good luck on this.

Thanks for the answers. My son has done several repairs in the last year and is ready to trade the truck in. He will get a warranty that will last at least long enough for him to trade but wanted to know about the cost being reasonable. When he lived at home I took it to a reliable shop to have the transmission fluid and filter changed. My son called around and was told he would get about $700 trade in as is and up to $4000 fixed. He will authorize the repair today. Thanks again.