Silly ? Re: Voice control responses

I love the voice controls in my 2015 Lincoln.

I often find myself saying “thank you” and expecting “You’re welcome.”

Have any of you encountered a voice-control system that responds to “thank you”?

Keep grinning!

No, but I used to pretend to folks my 68 cougar xr7 had voice control for washer wipers! The car had a foot pedal for washer wiper. I would say Cougar wash the windshield, hit the petal and wiper and spray was activated! Coarse in those days usually got a whoa dude that is awesome!


My '86 Chrysler New Yorker responded to most voice commands with something I can’t repeat here. But then, I’m a new Yorker also and when my wife tells me to do something, I usually respond the same way.emphasized text

Hello, New York! Former NJ girl here, now a Texas woman.

So if ya say Y’all find me a hotel does the GPS respond? Like it says whaddya wan a place to stay? Hey I got a cousin out dere.

No. But “once upon a time” a friend and I being silly teenagers had a woman in the grocery store parking lot convinced that sweet talking and patting my friend’s VW convertable made it start. :grin: That car usually needed a push start to get the engine going.

I did that a few times too until they caught on. Actually I’ve never had the patience to train the voice commands. Maybe I’d like it, but the few times I tried I had to keep repeating myself and gave up. Wife uses Siri or whatever her name is anyway. I’m sure she’s listening all the time though.

We have garmin GPS, lifetime map updates, voice command go home works fine, needed to get to O’haire airport, did you say hair cuttery, tried 10 different things, followed my nose, missed the exit it was a short 1 lane turnoff, lucky the next exit toll guy told me how to get there. I feel naked these days without a cellphone and GPS! Sure I could have used my cell, but I miss alot of calls swiping the wrong direction, Crimine it is a phone and I have enough trouble working that part. Galaxy s9 if you care.

I never had a car with voice controls, I think’ but I have never opened the manual for whe radio/touchscreen/bluetooth because it is bigger than the other 3 manuals that came with my car combined.
I did have a Plymouth Volare that used to tell me my door was a jar, why would I listen to something that can’t tell a door from a jar?

I did hear a comedy sketch from a woman who called a radio show to ask how she could call the police when she didn’t have an eleven on her phone.

Kind of like hit any key, but I don’t have an any key?

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I knew absolutely nothing about computers when I retired. Had never used one or worked in an office and had never had internet service. 12 years later I decided I needed one and upon the advice of my grandson bought a Mac desktop. It came without a keyboard so I bought a mac keyboard. Kind of a mistake because I have to seek a lot of help using a computer and any instructions I am giver, even mac specific ones use the key names for a pc keyboard. So I may have that key, but I don’t know which one it is.

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I think I paid about $20 for a new HP keyboard. Seems to me the old one was not coffee proof or something like that. Some keys didn’t work anymore. Anyway they are pretty cheap.

I had a 1985 Chrysler New Yorker with voice alert, just a recording like “Door ajar” or “Fuel level low”, those cars did not respond to voice commands but your New York dialect may have had an influence on the machine.

The Volare did not have voice alert, perhaps you had a Plymouth Caravelle.

Those old cars have noting to do with the voice command.

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You could be right, I did have an 87 Caravelle and an 87 Reliant at the same time. The 76 Volare was a strange car. 4 doors, bench seats, and a slant six with a 4 speed manual floor shift. That transmission was huge and heavy. LWe have owned at least a dozen standard shift cars but none of them has ever needed a clutch replacement. I have helped other people but never one of ours.

Google’s Assistant will do it, and if it recognizes it’s talking to a kid, it will also praise the child for being polite. That stretches across anything Assistant is running on, including cell phones, and it should work on Android Auto as well - though your 2015 most likely does not have that unless you installed an aftermarket radio.

I think it’s kind of silly, myself. I’m not one to be polite to inanimate objects. :wink:

I always thank the fridge for keeping my beer cold.
I’m not superstitious but I also do not want to poke the nest…
:wink: :smile:


I had a 76 Volare 2 door. I liked the 4 speed M/T with factory Hurst shifter. 4th gear was overdrive and was designated O on the knob instead of 4. Wouldn’t “zero” gear be neutral? It may have been OD (Many years have passed) but no possible humor in that.

I remember our 61 Merc had a Drive 1 and Drive 2 shift position. Never did fully understand what you were supposed to drive it in. I don’t know what this has to do with voice controls but I’m wasting time anyway.