Signals/interior lighting issues

My turn signals/hazard flasher, as well as all interior lighting and the tailgate window wiper have stopped working. The dashboard lights up when the key is turned, and the icon indicating an open door stays on, though no door is open. The headlights, tail lights and brake lights all work, and the vehicle drives fine. Haven’t found a bad fuse yet. It all started when the gear shift got stuck in Park and had to be fixed (needs a new shifter assembly, so a temporary repair was done). I was told this would have nothing to do with the lights issue. ??? I love this vehicle and don’t want to call it quits. Haven’t found any repair videos online that address this.

Since you don’t tell me the year of this vehicle, I can’t check for sure, but this sounds like a failure of the body control computer.

Different makes call it different things but it is a computer through which all these systems work.

First try cycling the emergency flasher switch a few times to see if that helps with the signal lights. The window wiper issue could be a separate issue but it may be related to the signal problem. First make sure all the fuses in both panels are good and getting power to them.

Perhaps they removed a fuse that has affected these failing circuits, what was done to defeat the gear shift interlock?