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2005 Toyota Sienna

Within the last few weeks my Sienna has begun making a terrible noise and shudder when I accelerate. It seems like it is worse on the front passenger side. When slowly accelerating from a stop it makes a hollow pitched metal scraping sound that increases frequency with speed (up to 25-30mph) and at higher speeds just the shudder, no sound. Initially this was intermittent but now it is an all the time thing. The sound and shudder only happens when accelerating, regardless of speed. When you are at cruising speed on the highway there’s no shudder as long as you are at constant speed and at any time if you take your foot off of the gas pedal the noise and shudder stop. Because of the link to acceleration I don’t think its a wheel bearing. My mechanic has a couple of week backlog, so I was hoping to maybe see if anyone else has had any experience with this before.

Could be many things, but I would check engine mounts for sure. Don’t drive it much further in that condition!

Have your CV axle checked on the passenger side first.

If the noise is worse if you are accelerating and turning at the same time, like turning onto another street from a stop sign, then I would strongly suspect that the outer CV joints are bad. You can look for yourself because the rubber boots around the front drive axles will be torn and there will likely be some grease on nearby parts and the backsides of your wheels and tires.

You don’t even have to get under the vehicle to look, just turn the wheel all the way to one side and look at it through the wheel well.

Metal scraping could be brakes. While accelerating touch the brake pedal with the other foot. If the noise changes then it’s brakes. If not it could be a bearing on the belt tensioner or an accessory.