Side view mirrow


backing out of the driveway, we weren’t looking and the side view mirrow hit the side of our house…then proceeded to fall off. is there any way to reattach it by ordering a part? …glue?? or how much would it cost to repair it?


What model and year is the car? Was it just the glass or the whole fixture?


Get a replacement from the dealer or a junk yard. Replace the whole mirror assembly.


corolla 2006, the whole fixture came off


Junk yard is a good way to go. Lower cost, and if they let you explore it yourself you can learn how to remove and install the mirror. (E.g., junk yard won’t care if you yank the door panel off to see how it is attached.)

However, before you replace the mirror make sure your window still moves freely. You might have distorted the track a little there. That’s what happened to my Dad’s Camry. If so, you’ll need a little body work.


You may have problems at a salvage yard matching the color. It’s a good lace to start, though. You might also try checking on line sources, like eBay motors.