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Sick of push starting!

About every 10 times I start my car, it won’t start. The only thing that works to get it started again is to push start. It turns over just fine, but won’t connect and start and I just got a tune up. This has been an off and on problem since I got my 2001 Hyundai Tiburon. My mechanic said he can only figure it out if he sees it when it won’t start. Chances are, if I bring it in, it will work just fine for him. HELP!


One suspect is the ignition switch. Starting and running are two different things. When you turn the key to the start position, it deactivates the power to the accessories. Voltage is only supplied to the ignition system and the fuel pump. If something is hanging up in the switch in the start position, you may not be getting power to the ignition and/or fuel pump. When the ignition switch is in the run position, the ignition and fuel pump are receiving power. This is why you can push start your car.

My 98 Regal is acting up with more frequency that I had to push my vehicle to start the engine. Will it help if I REPLACE my ignition switch?

You should isolate the problem before throwing money at parts. Most likely it is a bad battery, cable, connection or starter motor. Try to document when it will and will not start to give you an idea of when you should stop by your mechanic to try and replicate a non start condition.

I would go with the ignition switch…if you read his post correctly he says “it turns over fine”. Seems to be a problem in the start position, and being able to push start it when in the run position tells you something. Power not getting to ignition or fuel pump. If it were a battery/cable connection would not crank.

check the neutral or clutch saftey switch

Doesn’t sound like a bad battery or cable or connection to starter motor…since it turns over fine.

Ignition switch?? I wonder how that’s possible since it’ll start when it’s pushed started…

When it won’t start…check to see if you’re getting spark to the plugs…

The confusing part here…is it’ll start if you push start it…