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when ever i go to crank my car when the key is in the on position of course the usual happens the lights come on, you hear your fuel pump, the radio comes on the typical… ok well when ever i go to start the car the key just turns nothing happens. so i was thinking starter but then you dont hear a noise and i assumed that if it was the teeth on the starter worn out then you should here it grind on the flexplate? but anyways further more when i go to start it there is no griding, no clicking, no dinging,no humming,no buzzing nothing much like you trying to crank a car with no motor in it, you just turn the key and nothing happens, so well i was thinking neutral safty switch but i put it in neutral nothing so then i put it back in park nothing happens so now my only real thought process is on the electical part on the ignition switch. if any one has had this happen before and can tell me insight please let me no or if anyone can tell me what the heck is making me stuck in town all the time please tell me???

Wires and connections from battery to starter is where I would look

yeah we did that on the first try and it wasnt that

Time to pull out your schematic and start shooting wires. To support your theory of the ignition switch, check for continuity through the “start” circuit. Obvoiusly the starter isnt getting voltage in “start”. You checked the battery, the starter and both work. And the wires from the batter to the starter. There is a break in connection somewhere, good luck.

alright well thank you i appreciate the input from everyone but so far i decided to go ahead and change the ignition switch since it was only eighteen dollars, and so far so good so i hope this works i dont know… but i can tell you right now that i will never change one of those again.