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Shut off service engine light

I have a 98 chevy silverado how do you shut off the engine service light?

Are you talking about a service engine reminder that nags you to change the oil? Some vehicles have these - they are set to go on at mileage intervals. There is some kind if ritual you do to turn them off and it is usually in the owner’s manual.

If you are referring to the Check Engine light, that signals some unknown bad news in the emissions control system, then on many vehicles if you disconnect the battery ground line for a minute you will clear the check engine light. You will also clear the radio presets, and the clock. If the problem still exists the light will come back one pretty quickly.

It’s the oil change light, I’ll look in the book and see if it’s there. Anybody else know???

All GM oil change reminder lights are reset the same way. Turn the ignition to run without cranking, press the accelerator to the floor and fully release three times within five seconds, and wait for it to go out or start flashing. Start the engine and it will be reset. Simple once you know how and do it a couple times. Now you can impress your friends with your new knowledge!