Service Engine Soon light came on

Buick Regal 2005 … at exactly 51,600 miles the “Service Engine Soon” light came on …

Car is running fine …

1) Is this a mileage “triggered” event(?) and

2) How do I turn it off(?)



The light indicates that there’s a problem the emission control system. And a scanner needs to be connected to retrieve any codes that are stored in the computer. Some auto parts stores like AutoZone will connect a scanner and retrieve the codes for free.

Once you get the code(s), post back with the code number(s), and we’ll see if we can be of any help.


Take it to a local Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts store, they will read the codes(for free) that your car’s computer is using to trigger the CEL(SES?). When you get the codes, post them back here with what the store clerk says. It could be something as simple as a loose gas cap(Have you gotten gas recently?) or a major engine problem.

What does your owners manual say about engine oil changes?

Does it specify that mileage and to look for the CEL on? Most vehicles have a ‘message display’ window that says change oil, etc.

If this IS to do with an oil change or service due to mileage, the tech will shut the light off after the oil change.