"service engine soon" light turns on and off



i have a 2001 chevy blazer. whenever i accelerate really fast, especially if it is really cold (-10 to -40; i live in alaska) the service engine light will come on. but a few hours, or maybe a day or two later, it turns off. this has been happening all winter. i just got my emissions tests done a few months ago and passed. what could be causing the light to come on? do i have to worry about something falling out of the bottom of my engine? thanks for your help!


You can have the computer scanned for trouble codes. Many auto parts stores will do it free. The code, if there is one, will lead you to the source of the problem. I suspect there is a sensor operating right at the limit of its range. Eventually it may fail and the light will stay on. Then fix whatever it is. If the light goes off by itself, don’t worry about it.


Have you looked in your owner’s manual? The “service engine soon” light on many modern cars is different from the “Check Engine Light”. It tells you when you’re due for schdeuled maintenance. Yours may be like this.