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Shudder When Low Speed Turning

My wife’s 2005 Honda Pilot has developed a little shudder when turning at low speeds, only going forward and during the first minute or two of driving. We have 69K on the vehicle and this has been going on for about 4K. I have changed the tranny fluid (3 times at 30K and once at 64K), the rear diff fluid (at 17K, 30K and 64K) and the power steering fluid (at 66K). I used only Honda fluids. I cannot tell if it’s coming from the rear or the front but will try to do so. It only happens going forward and only while turing (moderately tight turning). Thoughts???

I should add that this shudder is somewhat also like a moaning.

I’ve got the shudder in my '93 Subaru Impreza. An engineer friend tells me it is a sign that a CV joint is going bad. However, my mechanic has replaced a CV in the front and has replaced the rear differential, and it is still doing it. CV joint may have been only prt of the problem.