Shudder in 1998 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Truck shudders when braking on down incline

How fast are you going?

Is the brake pedal kicking?

Or does the whole truck shake, and you can feel it in “the seat of your pants” . . . ?

Between 30 and 50; brake pedal does not kick; whole truck shakes


Do you mean the brake pedal pulsates?

Based on the brake pedal NOT pulsating, I’d guess the front end on this truck is shot. Control arm bushings, ball joints, idler arm, tie rods, center link, any or all can contribute. A careful inspection is in order. I’d guess bushings first!

I believe you have rear brake drums?

The shaking could be due to severely out-of-round rear drums

I’ve seen this before . . . not saying it IS your problem, but it could be

Some kind of brake system problem is my guess. Ask your shop to check the run-out in the rotors and drums, fluid leaks getting on the braking surfaces, loose calipers or drum brake parts, etc. Does it the shaking change in gear vs coasting in neutral?

Thanks. The repair shop says its the rotors.


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