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My truck it’s shakes the dash shakes the steering wheel shakes whenever driving below 20 miles an hour it’s stops or I can’t tell it shakes can any one tell me what causing this my 1999 4/4chevy silverado

Did you give it a tune up

What’s the status of the routine engine and transmission maintenance suggested in the owners manual? Everything up to date, or has something been deferred? That’s the first place to start probably.

I believe that generation of GM pickups had weak ball joints. Have yours ever been replaced? If one fails at high speed, you could be in a world of trouble, so have them checked as soon as possible. Of course, it could also be something like severely out of balance tires, a misfiring engine, or a number of other things.

Is the truck shaking?

Is the engine shaking?

Is this even a serious post?

Why did somebody disagree with OP’s question?