Show isn't streaming

I haven’t been able to listen to the show’s streaming feed this week - I get a server error. Anyone else?

I cannot get this weeks to run either, this happens every once in a while, I can usually get it to run by trying later in the week. The gerbils running the inter web may be tired :wink: This happens on different computers for me also so I am not sure if it a compatibality issue, band width issue or ???

I can’t get the show to stream either. I listen to the show on Saturdays (usually twice) on my local NPR station. You can listen anytime at the NPR website. Just click on “Listen to the episode.”

Thanks for letting us know! We’ve fixed the problem - it was an error on our end. [Read: we gave the gerbils some high-protein snacks. @SteveCBT ]

Jr Web Lackey