Where is the online show?!

So, I actually caught most of the show this past weekend, but I was unable to catch the third half of the show. So, I just tried to listen online, but I get the “Official car talk error message” and “Now, where did we put that file? We either moved it or removed it. In the meantime, can we offer you something else on the menu?”

I tried to access it from the “listen to car talk” page by pulling down on the menu and selecting “listen online (free)”.

Unfortunately, this is a work computer so I cannot download a podcast because iTunes is not installed on this machine.

Is anyone else having this problem, should I email Doug the old Grey Mare?

I’m just going send to email. Probably get a better response than on the discussion board. But if you are having a problem too: you are not alone!

It’s working for me as of the time of this post. I usually listen online too because I am asleep when it comes on the radio. I cannot download a podcast because my computer is too old to install the latest version of iTunes.

yes…for 2 weeks i havent been able to “listen online free”. I always listen online to the current week show as i work on saturdays…the page comes up…but the tag line for the current run is all black…CLICK AND CLACK PLEASE FIX THIS

It’s working here in the office, on variety of browsers. We are testing a new player, through, which should solve problems for some users on various OS/browser combinations. We hope to run that player through internal testing later this week. In the mean time, this FAQ does help some folks:

Thanks for bearing with us. It’s important to us that as many people be able to enjoy our lousy show, with as few hassles as possible. With luck, we’ll have a solution soon.


Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey

Here’s the update:

We’re now testing a new audio player for the web site. You’ll find the link to it at the very bottom of this page:

The link is labelled “Player 5” in faint text.

If you have a moment, please post right here in the Car Talk Community whether the link played the audio for you.

If it did play the show successfully, please also let us know whether you heard the sponsorship message up front.

If the new player does not work, please share your operating system and version, and browser and version.



Doug Mayer
Senior Web Lackey
Car Talk Plaza

All I’m getting is the popup player with the sponsers ad but no audio and of course, no Car Talk. I’m using Windows XP with IE. I tried my Firefox browser with the same result. I’ve had no problems listening to the show online untill this week.
BTW: I could not find a “player 5” link on the nline page.


Player 5 works for me. The original player stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I have
IE 8 XP-2. I didn’t hear the sponsor message up front but, the show is playing loud and clear. Finding “Player 5” on the page is a little difficult since it is kind of small and dim but if you go all the way to the very bottom of the page it will be the last thing there RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PAGE.

For a week, the online broadcast didn’t work. Now it does. I didn’t change anything in my computer???

Thanks. I finally found it. Everything is ok now though. Both links are working fine.

Hi Doug,
Last week I used the tiny link at the bottom of the page to listen to the show. This week that tiny link is gone. When I try to listen the popup window appears but the player gets stuck on the black bar with the white circular “loading” icon going round and round. My Flash is up to date ( and I’m using Firefox. On the Global Storage Settings panel for the Flash player the box “allow 3rd party flash content” is unchecked. I tried checking it but it doesn’t help. I also use Ghostery to block trackers, but I was able to listen to the show before without problems. Know what I can do?? Thanks

Not a fan of the new player! Just give me an mp3 file!

Thanks Dough for looking at this problem. I can continue listening online now. :slight_smile: