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Can't listen online

All of a sudden I can’t listen to the show online. I have Win 7 Home Premium and use IE8. I got the computer last Christmas and I could listen online no problem. Now I can’t. I get the popup but that’s it. It doesn’t even try to load. I’ve tried numerous things including resetting IE. Interestingly I can hear other things from the website like Stump The Chumps so it seems the player is working fine. Also very interesting I can listen just fine using Google Chrome. So obviously it is related to IE8 but as mentioned I hadn’t changed anything and when I reset IE8 to new it didn’t help. I did install SP1 a while ago but I doubt that did anything. Any ideas?

Hi - I’ll pass this on and see what comes back, OK?

We suddenly developed the same problem - and only with Car Talk, not other NPR shows. We use FF, but IE wouldn’t work, either. We tried all of the suggestions in the troubleshooting list, but still only got the blank red window. We installed Google Chrome, and voila! it works. Don’t know why, but I thought I’d pass that along as another suggestion for folks to try.

Hi Folks,

We are seeing some users, on certain combinations of browsers, having issues with the streaming player we use which is a version of the very commonly-used JW player. We’ve actually started a process that will take us towards a new player, but any change probably won’t launch for a few months, yet. We’ll also be revisiting related issues of where we host the audio, serving underwriting and other issues as part of this process. In the mean time, if you’re still having issues, you can always grab the free podcast. Thanks for bearing with us. We hope to launch with a new system before long, that’ll make for a better user experience and fewer issues.


Doug Mayer
Car Talk

@subimom as I mentioned I also can also “listen now” using Google Chrome but I like IE8 (call me a dinosaur). It seems odd that this problem doesn’t occur for everyone. How is my IE8 different than someone’s who does work?