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Shoulder belt adaptor for kids

I occasionally drive kids or teens (6-16) as part of volunteer work. The shoulder belts hit them at about their neck - neither safe nor comfortable for the girls! Aren’t there things that adapt a belt to sit lower on a shorter person’s body? Where can I buy some of these?

Also, should I seat the kids in the back seat? There is usually only one kid, and I feel like that is isolating and condescending. Is it safer back there or can I feel good about putting them in the passenger seat?

I am not a parent by the way! I am completely unknowledgeable of all things child-rearing! When I was a kid, cars still had lap belts in the back, and that’s where we sat.

Ford makes an eight inch extension which snaps easily at the buckle end of the belt.
Many times that’s enough. Originaly made for rotund folks, relocating the shoulder strap a tad closer to the wall can move it away from the neck enough.

FREE for the asking at Ford dealers for adaptive purposes, Probably part # 1L3Z-54611C22-AA. ( You didn’t say what year the mustang is )

The proper booster/child seat should place the belt in a more correct position. And I’ve seen some funky ‘H’ shaped sleeves the hold two belt portions together that can be stategically placed for many purposees.