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Seat Belts


I have a 1997 Ford Escort where the back seat shoulder seat belt always gets twisted. I had it replaced but it still gets twisted and won’t work. I have to 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch loosen the belt around what looks like a sprocket to get it straightened out. Obviously I have a child using the belt and isn’t careful about how she releases it. Any hints about either keeping it from getting twisted or how to quickly release the belt to untwist. (Getting rid of the kid is not an option :-)) Thank you.

Put her in a straight jacket and fasten the belt yourself. This is especially useful since she can’t release the belt either.

Oh, I suppose the school will bet snitty when you remove the straight jacket as she leaves the car each day, so you might have to discuss it with her and remind her (constantly) not to mess up the belt. I had a similar situation with my oldest. She sat between her sisters in the back of a Taurus and used to lean back and stretch. As she stretched, she grabbed the headliner. She pulled it down in no time. I nagged her constantly until she stopped. When she forgot, I reminded her to stop. Constantly. Just be glad your problem only occurs twice per ride.

Check the belt once or twice a week and fix it before it becomes to twisted. you could always remove the fastener that retains it and that might help in removing any twists.

Kids, you gotta love them! Thanks.


Oh, I do! She’s even grown to be twenty, despite her errant hands. (she still has them too)