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Should I Purchase A 2012 or Wait for a 2013?

Hi Everyone,

I find myself being so inept at the MATH of selecting a car.

I’m about to purchase a Toyota Prius V OR a Honda CRV (still on the fence). I want to purchase a Prius V but understand that they are terrible in the rain and snow. That may make me go for a Honda CRV.

Typically, I keep my cars for 10+ years (until they drop dead) so resale value is not a consideration for me. However, IF I choose a CRV, I will likely keep it for 3-4 years and then trade it in for something with much better gas mileage. I can not lease a car because I am a Realtor and put waaaay too many miles on it each year.

They are having all of the “great” mid-year deals now. If I choose a Prius V, I will go ahead and purchase a 2012 (because I will keep it for a decade). If I decide to purchase a CRV, what formula should I consider in terms of the resale value. Even if I get it for $2000 less than a 2013, it will be considered 1 year older when I do to trade it in.

How do you make a decision on this?

THANK YOU so, so much for your help!!!

you can make the Prius a bit better in bad weather by buying another set of rims and tires for it. Though you’ll lose out on some of those MPGs they tout.

If you eliminate the ‘empty the house’ job, then the Prius V would work well with @bscar2 's idea - winter tires on a separate set of wheels. As for 2012 vs. 2013, as long as you get a bit of a discount on the CRV I wouldn’t worry much about that decision.

The difference in cost between a 2012 and 2013 EX FWD CR-V is about $600. That’s far less than the likely difference in depreciation. I’d get the 2013.

The 2012 CRV, deeply discounted over a 2013 model is probably the better deal, unless the CRV is getting a MAJOR makeover in 2013 which will make the older models depreciate faster…

No major changes for 2013, and I was assuming a big discount on the 2012 to make up for much of the depreciation, so that’s why I wouldn’t worry about the year.

The CRV and the Prius are completely different cars. I would list all the plans for use for each and decide which fills my needs the best. That should be easy to do. Let your check list make the decision.
Usually, I would recomend a later model year after an update for deciding which to by. The CRV was a model change in 2012 so I would opt for the 2013 model year for either. Any doubts about winter travel, if that is a big concern, are completely aleviated by a CRV awd with winter tires on spare rims. It should be better too in fwd then the Prius with it’s better clearance. If your realty work takes you on rough roads, the CRV is a no brainer choice over the Prius.

Others have mentioned deep discounts on the 2012 CR-V, which don’t exist. You can wait to see if they do materialize. If there are no significant discounts for 2012s, then your wait will automatically make the 2013 model your choice. Just keep looking at prices on line ( and at local dealer web sites. BTW, you can see every dealer’s inventiory on line, and many of them provide discounted prices on line, in case you dodn’t know. That’s how we found a great price onn my daughter’s new car.

If you’re going to keep the vehicle for 10 years then might as well buy the 12’.

Also if you’re going to buy the CRV…then selling it in 3-4 years is foolish. You’ll NEVER recoop your money. What ever you buy…just keep it for 10+ years.

You all are the BEST!!! Thanks so, so much for your valuable insights!!!

Whatever snow handling issues there are with the Prius is most likely due to the OEM tires that come on the car. The tires are low rolling resistance tires which often have a harder tread, stiff sidewalls and other qualities that favor mpg over wet and snow traction.

Simply get the Prius and plan to buy and use “winter” tires during the snow season (mid-Dec. to April in many areas). You will lose about 2-3 mpg when the winter tires are on the car, but you’ll not have any problems getting around in anything less that a full blown storm. Winter tires on the Prius is much less expensive than buying a CRV and trading it 4 years later.

any idea what you want to do yet?