Should I get it fixed

I need a new transmission in a 2004 Mercury Sable with 120K miles. For a new transmission I have quote for $3300. Is it worth getting fixed?

Personally I would look for another one or get another quote or two.

$3300 is about 75% of the cars book value.

That depends entirely on the condition of the rest of the car, how well it meets your needs, and how well you like it.

If it’s otherwise in great shape, it suits your needs, and you like the car, $3300 is cheaper than replacing it.

If it needs lots more work, it’s rotting out, it no longer meets your needs, or you simply don’t like it or are sick of it, then no, IMHO it isn’t worth dumping $3300 into it.

I can get a used transmision for $2100 but it still seems like a lot for a car with such a low value

Have you looked into installing a used transmission? Sometimes you get lucky and find one where the owner of the vehicle maintained the transmission fluid up until the time the vehicle went to the recycler.


Is that price for a Ford remanufactured trans? Call a dealer and ask for their price.