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2004 Mercury Sable Transmission Died

My wife’s 2004 Mercury Sable broke down on the highway last night. We had it towed to the nearest Ford Dealership and are awaiting the official diagnosis. I am 99% sure it is transmission, as the engine didn’t die, but zero of engines power is reaching tires in any gear.

I am just trying to get an idea of how much this is going to cost us so we can mentally.

Figure about $3,200 for a transmission replacement.

Did you at any time service the transmission fluid?


Not ourselves, all our general maintanence has been done by Ford dealers.

Did your Ford dealers ever do a trans fluid change?
If so, how often was this done?

If not, then you have found the reason for transmission failure.

Cross your fingers and hope that it is the linkage between the gear shift and transmission, or an electrical/electronic problem.