Should I fix it?

Yep, factory trim isn’t ‘optional’.

Yea I get your point. Was welded to the frame shop did it for me. Have a similar spot on the door. I won’t bother. By the time it gets really bad, just unbolt and bolt in a different one. Several years down the road. Likely won’t have it along enough to be problem.

But question for everybody. It seems like all cosmetic repairs never get it back to what it looked like when it was brand new, or is it just me. Cosmetic repair makes it look a lot better than with the rust but not back to its original state. Seems like the number of coats of paint is different than the original coat etc.

Point being that if the scratches and dents aren’t down to the metal and it won’t rust, maybe just leave it alone?

You need to find a better body shop… You don’t get a $10,000 paint job in a day or 2, you get a $500 paint job in a day or 2… lol… (No the prices are not exact, just making a point)


Yep, you need a better shop. You’re only noticing the bad jobs. The good jobs aren’t apparent.


This is correct. The side skirt cannot be removed without the car looking unfinished.

Mine has a slight bend up front. The bend is hardly noticeable and I wouldn’t have noticed had the dealer not pointed it out to me. But still, knowing that the imperfect is there kinda nag me.

As far as the OEM wheels being scratched. Is it the clear coat on the rims? This can happen from automatic car washes that scrub the tires and rims. Me? I think I would ignore them. In the future, when you need new tires, then consider replacing or refinishing the rims.

They’re from curbs as well as from car wash conveyors.

How bent is side skirt? Can it be unbent? Or made less bent?

The bend is very mild. You wouldn’t have noticed it had I not pointed it out to you.

I’m kinda obsessed with keeping a car looking perfect. So this is why it bothers me knowing the bend is there.

As for the mirror shell, I’m getting that fixed.