Should I drive van with damaged distributor wire?

I accidentally damaged a distributor wire going to one spark plug last night. I started the van up for a few seconds and the engine (V-6) sounded ok.

Will it hurt the engine to drive 15 miles to town to get a new wire, or should I get a ride?

I was going to strip the damaged wire and crimp it back onto the connector for a temporary fix, but the distributor wire is heavily insulated and I gave up because I figured it might spark over to the engine casing and cause more damage; also the wire inside is thin and flexible and I’m not sure it will stand up to a crimp.

Followup: This is a 1994 Chevy Lumina van with a lot of miles on it. I should have included that.

The only real damage done would be to the converter (due to raw gas hitting it). I wouldn’t drive it before fixing.

It likely would not cause any damage, but it might and you might not know it for some time later.

Yes you can crimp and repair the wire,if your sucessfull depends on your technique.

By the way these “distributor wires” are called secondary ignition wires.

Obviously if you can arrange an alternative it would be better, but if you have to drive just drive it very conservatively (so you minimize the raw gas you pump in) and it should be fine. I’m fairly confident in stating that you won’t be the only 1994 on the road with one cylinder not firing.

Yes, you can drive. As long as the engine sounds normal to you, the car is not misfiring and it incurs no damage.

A wire is just a wire. Even a damaged wire conducts electricity in a satisfactory manner. You will replace it, of course, but have no qualms about driving to the store.

Agreed. The 15 minute drive to buy a new wire isn’t going to hurt anything.