Distributor rotor, plug wire

I tried to measure the resistance of the plug wires. One wire with a metal case could not be pulled out. Two wires had different readings and one wire had no reading. I guess I have to change all the four wires but one could not be removed. That is a problem.

The distributor’s metal part is very rusty, but I think I can clean it with W2-4D. The problem is that I could not get the rotor off. The rotor is not screwed. When I lift the roter, it moves with the metal base to abouthalf centimeter and when i release, it falls back, as if there is a spring to control it at place. Is this normal?

Any idea?

I had one of these cars a few years back. Although it was devoid of creature comforts, mine was exceptionally reliable and cheap to own.

Instead of pulling the wires off the old cap, replace the cap, too. You should install new wires (all of them), a new distributor cap, and a new rotor. The wires come as a set. I don’t think you can buy just one or two.

The rotor pulls off. It’s probably been there since 1992, and is stuck pretty well, but it will come off. Pull harder.

I agree with mcparadise. If the wire is corroded that badly in the cap then it should be replaced too.

Replace EVERYTHING…Cap, rotor, wires, plugs.

Don’t bother testing this things. If there is any indication of a problem or if it is time to replace it based on the factory recommendations (see your owner’s manual), then just replace them.

PS I don’t recommend those fancy and expensive stuff. The OEM quality, is actually better and I recommend the original brand, as there seems to be some slight differences in the way they cut threads and it can make changing them later more difficult.

Yes I want to change all the wires, the cap the plugs and the rotor. Problem is that the rotor got stuck.

please look at the photos here:

My car had difficulty start after sitting one week in rainy season.