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Is there anything special about the cable from the coil to the distributor?

I broke the cable that connects the coil to the distributor. I took it to Auto Zone. The guy sold me a spark plug cable, which looks the same. Are they different? Should I try to get an ‘official’ cable? This one works.

When you used to buy cut to fit universal spark plug cable kits , the wire was all the same and came in one piece that you cut for each plug and the coil. If the boots fit snugly, it is fine.


What shape are the spark plug wires in?

be honest . . . your truck’s pretty old

If by some miracle, you’re still running the original wires, just replace them now with a full set, which will include all plug wires, plus the one running from the coil to the distributor

I had a 50’ bulk roll of copper spark plug wire that I occasionally used to make replacements for troublesome wires, usually on portable welders and air pumps that spent a lot of time outside. A fleet customer paid me dearly to make wires for the igniters on his industrial clothes driers once. Replacement factory wires were expensive and failed often. They were carbon core for some unimaginable reason. I wonder what a set of copper wires would do to the ECM and sound system on a late model car.

I remember when people would buy non resistor spark plugs for their car or lawnmower and you couldn’t watch your round 7 inch TV while either one were running because f all the static streaks. It was not as much of a problem as it could have been because our one TV station did not dtart broadcasting until 4 PM.

I have a 20R engine in my '79 Celica. The service manual, under Periodic Maintenance-Engine, specifies “Standard Resistance” of 16,000 ohms (maximum 25,000 ohms per wire) for a 1 meter length of cable. The book does not make any distiction for cylinders 1-4, or the coil to distributor cable. So, if you’re in the ballpark, I guess you’re ok.

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