There is always something going on with my old Dodge Caravan. Yesterday I was putting more oil due to a leak. I started teh engine and I saw several points in which some of the spark wiring were sending tiny lightnings to grownd… I used electrical tape to cover those areas and the lightnings stopped…Is this soemthing to take into consideration?

Thanks in advance!

You really should replace the wires.

How old are the spark plug wires? Wires are replacement (maintenance) items.

You need new wires. Desperately. Replace them one at a time so you don’t accidentally cross them. And replace the distributor cap, rotor, plugs, and filters while you’re under the hood. You may find the car runs better.

You really need to replace the above components. Do so before your Caravan refuses to start in wet weather, as will surely happen soon.

Not only do you need to replace the plug wires you need to replace the spark plugs also. The plugs are no doubt the cause of the spark jumping through the wires.

Also, if you succeed in stopping the spark from jumping through the wire this means it’s going to attempt to jump somewhere else; usually in the distributor. Eventually the cap/rotor will burn up or the ignition module will fail which will then cause you to have to walk.

Thank you very much to all of you… I am really shocked of how close I am from having to walk due this problem…My car is a 1996… I bought it a 14 months ago as a link for getting something better in a few month but I need to keep it running for a while more… I am getting your advice… Thanks a lot!!

Caravans with the 3.3/3.8L engines don’t have distributors. But here’s another vote for replacing the ignition wires and spark plugs.

Hola Julio! When sparks appear your wires are finished. Agree with posters thst a new set of wires will help a great deal in keeping your engine running.

I am learning a big deal guys thank you lots!!

All good info there. If you like your van enough to keep it for a while you might want to invest in a splash guard for the lower engine compartment.
I couldn’t tell you the cost, though I don’t imagine it would be expensive.

These vans are prone to having water splashing up inside the engine compartment from the ground and when the water comes up and some vehicles have had performance problems as a result.

Just a thought.

And this is another new stuff for me…I can tell I can not digest what you are telling me, but I’ll find out THANKS.

What is it you can’t digest? Perhaps we can expand somewhat.