2013 Jeep Compass - How many is too many miles?

120’000 miles on 2013 Jeep Compass to many miles?

Do you mean too many miles?

It is for me, might not be for you. If you are intending to buy one with this many miles get it inspected by YOUR mechanic before purchase.

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Given that vehicle and brand’s reputation in 2013, I’d say “yes” if you are considering a new vehicle purchase. If it were a Toyota or a Honda I’d say, “just broken in.”


Agreed with the others. If you already own it, drive it till it dies. If you’re thinking about buying it, don’t.


Cars of that vintage usually make it to 200,000 miles before anything major breaks, but only if you take good care of it and keep up with maintenance.

However, I wouldn’t buy that particular model if I was shopping for a used car. The mileage wouldn’t be the deciding factor, the model’s projected reliability would be what stops me from buying it.


If that was a year when they were still using a CVT in it then it’s waaaay too many miles. The CVT’S were garbage in fca’s vehicles .

I’ve got a 2007 with about that mileage, and the advice I’m getting from transmission shops is to sell it now. That’s even with a newer transmission installed in 2012 under warranty.

It’s a cheap Chrysler product with a poor transmission that is very expensive to replace.