Should I buy TDI Jetta

I am seriously thinking of buying a 2003 Jetta tdi wagon w/ 125K on it. I have a 2005 Jetta with 34K. The wagon has new timing belt, waterpump, new suspension etc. Is this an ill-advised switch? thanks for your input.

Trade your low mileage 05? I certainly would not. Even if the diesel needs no repairs, don’t expect to save any money. Fuel cost savings will be mostly canceled out by expensive, special engine oil and 25 dollar fuel filters every 20k miles without installation of course. At 125k miles, the turbo could be near the end of its life.

What benefit do YOU see in doing this?? What are you hoping to gain??

well i wanted a wagon, preferably diesel. From what i read and from a few people i’ve spoken to, I thought the tdi(s) went forever. Is 125K the time when things start to break down? my mechanic, who is a vw guy and honest, said he wouldn’t rule it out. Any info is appreciated.

VERY, VERY ill-advised!


Whatever you save in fuel costs will be eaten up in a few months by the increased maintenance and repairs you will have with the older car.

Volkswagen by and large do not age well, and expensive repairs will rear their ugly head regularly after 100,000 miles.

Although the diesel itself is good, the turbo is close to replacement mileage and all the electronics and other parts will start showing their age.

If you really want a diesel, buy a new one and take good care of it.

The current owner of the diesel Jetta knowns exactly when he should be selling it to avoid the “money pit” syndrome, and he is hoping that you are the sucker to buy his car!

understood. I had a sneaking suspicion about that. Thanks for your help. I’ll stick with my jetta.

You put less than 9000 miles on your Jetta each year on average. Switching to the TDI to save money on fuel is not much of a savings if that is your intent. At this rate, it will take you 11 more years with the 2005 Jetta just to reach 125,000 miles. I’d keep the newer one.

I have a TDI, but frankly I don’t see the advantage to what you want to do.

25 dollar fuel filters I get mine for about $10.00 and change it myself. Easy as long as you remember to tie a sting onto the MickyMouse clip. As for the turbo, it might be near the end of it’s life at 25K or 250K Special engine oil? I get mine at Wally World at a fair price. Like any car you do want to use the materials for maintenance that are specified.