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Fix it or sell it?

I have a VW Jetta TDI (turbo diesel) with relatively low mileage (61,000). I’m having a little difficulty starting it so I took it to a dealer. They say it needs a fuel injection pump and the repair cost will be about $2,200. The Kelly BB trade in value is only $7500. Should I sell it as is and upgrade to a newer car or should I fix it?

I’d shop around to see if you could get it fixed for less money.

Any decent VW independents around. I would get 2nd opinion on this as this price is major. They also may be able to source a junkyard part.

Long into TDICLUB.COM. You should be able to not only get specific help, but they may have a recommended TDI mechanic in your area. Not only likely that they will be less expensive than the dealer, but they likely will be a better mechanic.

since it is a VW, I’d have to say, fix it first, then sell it and get a real car.