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VW Jetta TDI

so any reviews or thoughts on the new VW Jetta sedan TDI’s??? I’m thinking about getting a 2012 Jetta sedan with the TDI engine (diesel) and I really like them…should I consider them??

Thanks in advance!!

My advice for any VW new car buyer is the same. Lease it and dump it before the warranty expires.

Cold, twotone. You pays your dues and you take your chances. :}

Sounds like you are already considering this vehicle…Be sure to check the maintenance requirements as the miles accumulate…Some cars can have a heart-stopping 60,000 mile “check-up”…

If you like it buy it. But know what it is. Check the recommended maintenance. VW tends to believe that their owners are going to actually service the car. Not doing that is not going to make for a happy outcome.

I have had three VW in the over 40 years I have been driving. I am driving one now. They were very good cars for my needs at the time.

Hint, if you are not going to do the recommend maintenance, don’t by a VW, they tend to not do well if you don’t care for them.

BTW I am currently driving a VW TDI (2002 New Beetle) I am very happy with it.

Rumor has it that VW quality as of late has gotten much better. I do, however, agree with the recommendations to look into maintenance costs before buying if you intend to keep it in the long run. I do have a friend who has one of these cars and loves it. The only caveat is that his car is a 2012 and he has only put a few thousand miles on it. Other caveats: use only the oil VW recommends (it’s expensive, but anything less will void the warranty and probably trash the engine), check the oil level frequently, add as needed, and if this car has an extended oil change regimen, change the oil more frequently than recommended. Some European cars recommend 15k mile oil changes, but these cars often die an early death due to this (my belief; some disagree, many agree). More frequent oil changes may cost more in the short run, but it’s worth it if you plan to keep the car for a long time.

As was already mentioned, VW reliability appears to have improved in the past few years. And, as the OP probably is aware, the TDI has excellent fuel economy. That is the good news.

However, the excellent handling and the good-quality interiors that had been VW hallmarks for many years have essentially been eliminated on the newest models. That is the negative news, and the OP should evaluate the relative importance of the negatives and the positives, based on her own needs and desires.

Also–if you do buy a VW, be sure to find a good independent VW mechanic in your area. Over at least the past decade, VW owners have consistently given VW dealer service departments such a low rating that they are considered to be at the bottom of the heap in terms of competency, fair pricing, and overall customer service. Because VW dealer service departments have such a bad reputation, most areas have one or more indy VW experts to service the cars of dissatisfied VW owners.

Use the dealer’s service department only for warranty-related issues, and you will be a much happier (and wealthier) VW owner!

Prior to purchasing my current Acura TSX and while still driving a Honda Civic Hybrid, I tried out a new 2012 TDI. The much lower price surprised me when compared to the leftover 2011’s. My drive is both country and interstate and was pleased the dealership allowed me to have it from Saturday to Monday, which would allow me to check the mileage, handling and to drive it on “my” roads. When I got it home, Consumer Reports was waiting for me and it had the 2012 TDI review. The car is no longer recommended by them. I found, like they, that the interior was cheap and outfitted with hard plastics. The car mileage had not impressed me either…somewhere around 33/34 highway. With diesel fuel more expensive, mileage what it was appearing to be, my observations about the interior and also considering the CR’s review, I drove it back to the dealer the same day and decided not to keep it until Monday. Though the TSX is more money, it’s maintenance demands are nothing like the TDI and mileage is similar and it’s fit and finish is flawless.


Volkswagen has a new corporate goal; to become the world’s largest car company. Their sales in North America lag those of other imports and getting the price in line is their way of getting more competitive. Unfortuantely that meant cheapening the car.

You now have a car that requires more maintenance, and has lost its special qulaities that made it sell here in the firts place. It’s the worst of all worlds.

In Mexico and South America, as well as China, the VW is still considered a “good car”. Those special handling qualities mean little in those countries.

VW might succeed in becoming the biggest car company, but it won’t be because of me.

If you decide on one, do expect that it will be more costly and more of a hassle to maintain and repair than many other cars.

I like the lease and dump idea, though sometimes leasing is a real losing deal.

Other than that, I’d make a special savings account for repair and maintenance.

At one time before TDI diesels, VW diesels were a real money saving alternative to a gasoline car when car fuel mileage was worse than now and a simple old, non electronic IDI VW diesel could easily get 50 mpg on diesel fuel that usually cost less than 87 octane gasoline. Now, TDI diesels are good for a typical 37 - 40 mpg when driving normally and diesel fuel cost fluctuates between less and more than 87 octane gasoline and usually more. I recently found those fuel mileage numbers on There are some current gasoline cars that can do as well that and sell for less than a new VW TDI diesel.

If you want a diesel, you might wait a while for more brands to become available with a diesel engine. Honda and Chevrolet Cruz will soon have a diesel.

I currently operate a a 2003 Jetta TDI with 260K miles. Previously I had a 1995 Jetta with 466K miles. If you don’t do simple maintenance yourself, don’t buy this car! I use only Mobil 1, at 10000 mile intervals.I had the used oil tested once and was indistinguishable from new oil. Change the trans oil at 20000 miles to Royal Purple, then every 100000 miles. VW’s oil I consider for breakin only. Inspect the timing belt often, and change it at 100000 miles, along with the turbo. A new turbo is $1800, a simple internal rebuild kit is $200. It’s not complicated. Join in on tdi-club, the owners there are more collectively knowledgeable about your car than the dealer. Buy a Vag-Com tool from Ross-tech so you can communicate with your car. Replace the battery after three years with an Optima, especially if you live in a winter climate and depend on glow plugs to start the car subzero. I love the car! I’m currently trying to decide between the Passat and Jetta for a replacement. Either one will be a TDI.

I forgot to mention have the dealer install a skid plate under the oil pan before purchase, at no charge. The oil plan is expensive and made of aluminum, which CRACKS when you hit a tire late at night. In my view a manufacturing defect.

Xstek why are you using Mobil 1 oil in your TDI instead of a diesel rated oil? I have a 2002 TDI with 225K miles and have not had to change my turbo yet.

I have a 2009 Jetta tdi. I think it was the first year of this engine. First, let me tell you the headreasts are terribly uncomfortable, especially for passengers. I didn’t ride the car as a passenger before buying it and there is no good adjustment, just up and down. Check that out on newer models.

Second, there was a mistake on the original engine which has probably been corrected on newer models. The reason I know it was a mistake is that VWAmerica picked up the entire bill for repair of our engine, off warranty, when fuel pump in the engine (one of three in the car) literally blew up and sent shards of metal throughout the fuel system. It required completely replacing the fuel system from the tank to the injectors. Fixed the problem, wrote off about $9K. The Louisville dealer (Bachman, I did not buy it there) was great, no problems, just confirmed the independant service technicians diagnosis, reviewed it with VW America and we had the car back in less than a week.

I’m happy with it, but these days, so many cheaper cars with gasoline engines get similar gas mileage and gas is cheaper than diesel so I’d likely not buy it again.

Just sayin’.

this is a timong belt engine ask how mutch and when does it need to bedone

if you live in the northern part of the country diesels dont like the cold make sure you can plug it in or garage it over night.
ps i ment to say timing belt