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Shorted saturn

ran fine. parked. next day turned key, nothing. jump started ran 5 minutes killed. tested battery {6 $ tester} good. attempted restart. strange clicking {no clacking}from various areas. dash info lights dark. locked doors w/keypad. security system freaked out. where is the short??

A $6 tester can’t properly test a battery. Many auto parts stores will load test the battery for free. Sounds like yours may be dead.

Heading to AUTOZONE in the morning.

You may have a bad alternator. You should try charging the battery to see if that will get you going. Once you can get going you can have a shop check out the charging system.

Your battery can’t lose a charge it didn’t get. Have the car jumped for a half. Have jump car follow you. Go to an auto parts store, or shop, and have the battery and alternator tested in the car.

Fried battery. ALL DONE THANX