New Battery But Still Need to Jump Start

I was recently left stranded in a mall parking lot by my 2007 Saturn Ion when it wouldn’t start. After getting a jump from roadside assistance, I was told the battery needed to be replaced. I thought nothing of it since its a 2007 and has been driven between Virginia and Pennsylvania for the past four years fairly regularly. After a new battery was installed Sunday afternoon and the car started perfectly and was driven around all day Monday, I was shocked when I was once again left stranded in the parking lot at work Tuesday afternoon, again with a car that wouldn’t start at all (there was no “clicking” either). The keys would get stuck in the ignition and I’d have to remove them by pushing the tiny button under the steering wheel. The new battery was tested again at the shop and they found nothing wrong with it and couldn’t explain why it wouldn’t start at all the previous afternoon but started and ran fine two days prior. Thoughts Car Talk community? Thanks!

~ Disgruntled Saturn Owner (Is there any other kind?!)

So car could not be jumped at tow #2 incident? What steps did shop take to check battery? Car is towed in. Does tech turn key? Only takes 11 sec. Put meter on battery? Voltage? Good? Bad? Load test battery?

You either have something that is draining the battery very very fast when the engine is shut off…or the charging system isn’t working properly.

check your altenator. it could be bad and not charging your battery when the vehicle is on.

The trouble could also be a bad power connection between the battery and the main power panel under the hood. This would make it seem the battery is discharged even though it is okay. I suggest you get a test light probe so you can check the battery and power to the fuses under the hood when this trouble happens again. Check for bad connections from the battery.