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Short-Term vs. Long-Term Storage

When I left the States in 2006, I put a 1997 Subaru SVX in storage planning on returning in 2009. Turns out, I’ll be returning to the States in 2013. Before putting it in storage, I sent it to Tire World and had them prep it for a three year stay inside a storage unit. They filled the fluids to the very top and drained the gas tank. Then I put it on a flatbed, hauled it from the garage to the storage yard, rolled it into the unit, put it on jackstands and took out the battery. Is there a difference between what one must do to store a car for three years versus seven years? I’m concerned about the fuel injectors, belts, hoses and seals. The tires should be fine. They’re up off the ground.

You should be OK. Humidity where it was stored will be a big factor. Draining the fuel was likely the best thing that was done.

Remember that maintenance is usually done based on miles or time whichever comes first. It is now time came first. BTW tyes also come under that time issue. If it was stored inside, you might be able to get some more use of the tyres, but I would plan on replacing them.

BTW being off the ground has not been an issue for many years. In the old days, when I was younger flat spots due to not being used was a problem, but tyre design has moved on and today the worse you will get is a little vibration for a few miles.

If you have a interference engine and a timing belt, I would get it replaced.

Expect some problems. That is a long time for storage.

Seven years is a LONG time to store a car. If the entire fuel system is dry, and not just the tank, you’re probably in for a lot fewer headaches.

However, all rubber components, especially the timing belt, are suspect and should probably be replaced upon your return.

The seals will most likely be a problem, and it’s amazing the number of places a Subaru engine can leak. You’ll see.

The SVX is an intriguing vehicle, it just isn’t worth much. I wish you the best of luck getting it back on the road. I suggest, when you’re ready to attempt it, you find a Subaru expert to help you. Tire World is not the place to take this car.

However, you have three more years to think about it. By then anything can happen. You may decide to stay away a few more years.

You said “storage yard.” I hope that doesn’t mean the car is outside.

How much are you paying to store this 13 year old car?

Are you paying monthly (or any) storage charges?? If so, you have already paid more than the car is worth in storage fees…Sell the car NOW while it still has some value. Storing cars while they depreciate to almost zero value is NOT a good plan, no matter how much you like the SVX…

In my own defense; the Army will only ship 2500lbs for single dudes on overseas tours. It’s not just the car, but a whole house full of furniture as well.

The car is in a fully enclosed unit with at least a house and a half of furniture. Funny, what started out as a bargain at $99 a month has inflated to $155 a month. You make a good point in that the cost of storage has exceeded the value of the car. 'Course, there’s a bunch of other stuff in storage as well, which nearly justifies the expense.

Forget what you have paid so far, starting now, at the rate of $155/mo, you will pay $6200 more to continue to store all this stuff.

You can buy a lot of “stuff” for $6200…

Good Lord. I just did the math. Even at the original price, $99 per month for 12 months for seven years that’s over $8,000. Why didn’t I start this thread in 2006?!?!?!?