Advice in preparing to park my Suby for 3 months?

Hi all. $$ is a little tight and so I’m planning on pulling the insurance from my beloved 1995 green Subaru wagon (keeping the comprehensive if there’s a break-in or a tree falls on her) and parking her for 3 months. (She’s been misbehaving too, and I can’t afford to figure out what’s up.)

My question is this…What do I need to do to make sure that she’ll start and run again when I have enough $$ to get her fixed? I just got a new battery 6 months ago. Anything else I should do?


Three months isn’t that long. Wash the car and fill the tank and use Stabil fuel stabilizer just to be sure. I guess I would be inclined to pull the battery or put a charger on it every couple of weeks or so. Other than that I wouldn’t worry about it. I did just the opposite though on my little used car. I dumped everything except the liability and it cost me mayber $150 a year for insurance.

Or get a battery tender, which is made for that kind of use.

Not worth the hassle or hazard if parked outside.