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One Year Car Storage

Car will be stored in unheated garage for one year in Vermont. I have advised it should be driven several miles per month to keep all lubrication, oil, etc and seals from drying out, gas refreshed and catalytic converter active and tires from being flattened. Am I correct?

google… car storage tips …and you will get a multitude of web sites that can give you your info…

Thanks for that advice.

  1. Protect from rodents and vandals.
  2. Disconnect battery. *
  3. Visit car wash and allow to dry before storage.
  4. Don?t use a car cover; it traps moisture.
  5. Don?t have someone drive it, unless they are going to drive it a good distance at least once a week. Long enough to get it fully warmed up plus.
  6. Fill the fuel tank
  7. Don?t leave the parking brake on. Leave it in gear or block the tyres.

If over one month

  1. Arrange for battery charging or a new battery on return. A charger made for this or a charger on a timer is good.
  2. Change the oil if it is due

If over three months

  1. Use fuel stabilizer when you fill the tank.
  2. Change oil anyway
  • It is best to remove the battery and bring it inside. Giving it a little charge every month and giving it a little charge every month is a great idea. Very few car thieves carry an assortment of batteries around with them so your car is a lot safer.

I’d suggest NOT driving the car during the storage. Follow the steps from Mr. Meehan for the 3 months plus of storage. Starting and running for a short period can do more harm than good. Taking it out for monthly trips in the Vermont winter will just get the car dirty and expose the body and frame to road salt.