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Short in the Stop Light Fuse Circuit

I own a 1996 Toyota Avalon. I maintain it and don’t like to see icons on my dash. When my little car light icon came on, I found and changed a burned out taillight. I had to jiggle the light to get the bulb to get it to stay on. After that, every time I put the car into Reverse, the little car light icon would pop up on the dash. One Sunday morning about three weeks later, the car would not shift out of park. My brother changed the 15 amp fuse and the brake light switch. My car worked fine for two days, then started blowing the 15 amp stop light fuse every time I put the car in Park. CAN YOU HELP ME FIND THE SHORT IN THIS CIRCUIT?

The first place to check is the tail light bulb you replaced. You should not have to wiggle the bulb in the socket to make it work correctly. This is probably a dual filament bulb with one filament for the brake light and one for the tail light. Check the socket and check to see if your used the correct replacement bulb.

One area to check is the Rear Light Out Module. This is located behind left trunk panel. It’s a plastic box about the size of a pack of cigarettes. Unplug the module and remove it from the vehicle. Remove the cover from the module and inspect the small circuit board inside for burnt components. If any are found, the module requires replacement.