Short drivers' problems

We are looking for a new car; I am 60" and shrinking.In order to drive, I need the seat up all the way, and the wheel down (so I can see over it.) My gut almost touches the wheel. Is this a safety hazard? Is there a car in which this doesn’t happen?Thanks. Marti

Sitting too close to the steering wheel is a hazard because of the airbag. This is a problem for shorter people, and has been for some time.

I’d recommend “peddle extensions,” but you said “we” are looking, and I have to assume the car will be driven by you and someone who is taller.

There are companies who specialize in making vehicles easier for people like yourself to drive. I suggest you do some Internet searching and see if you can find something useful.

In the meantime, I suggest you test drive everything, or at least test sit everything, and see if you can find a vehicle that fits you. I know this will be time-consuming, but it’s the only way to find out. There might be a vehicle out there with a seat/steering wheel arrangement that works for you, and for “we.”

Unless I’m mistaken Ford brought out a vehicle (don’t remember which one) with optional adjustable pedals awhile ago. 4-6 years ago?

Crown Victorias and their cousins have them for many years. IIRC, so did the old Tauruses. I would be surprised if other models don’t have them. They can be retrofitted, but it would probably be price prohibitive.