Kia rio swaying


i’ve had some bad swaying from my car. my friend and i pulled the car apart last week and checked the tie rods, shocks, etc… everything seemed to be fine. although, the shocks seemed to be kind of easy to compress, but i’m not familiar with that stuff. anyway, he thinks i may have a bad alignment and the tires are wearing bad. we switched the tires around and the sway did seem to change a bit. i’m pretty confused about it all and i don’t have a great deal of money so i don’t won’t to go throw 350 dollars down on a new set of tires and alignment and find out its not the problem. any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.


What year is the Rio, and how many miles on it? Has there ever been any crash damage? If the mileage is high the struts may be worn out, but there’s not enough information in your post to take a guess.

If the tires are wearing unevenly the car needs an alignment. Simple as that.


The same places that sell new tires, have barely used tires for sale…cheap. Just ask’em. If you knew how to measure the toe-in, or toe-out, you could adjust toe yourself. Otherwise; you gotta get that wheel alignment.