1994 Nissan 240 convertible shocks/struts question

66k, garage kept,original owner, driven mostly in spring and summer.

As far as I remember, I’ve never had problems with the shocks/struts, so have never had the shocks changed. On the last few drives I took in the fall for foliage viewing, I noticed a ‘skrunching’ noise in the front end when I hit a few road bumps a little harder than I’d like (roads in Pennsylvania-YUCK). I also had one instance when going at a slow speed (10-15 mph) on a mountain back road (gravel lined) where the front end began shaking/shimmying. I stopped, then proceeded at a slower pace and it didn’t happen again.

The car (to me) still drives/handles as well as it always has but I know that doesn’t mean the shocks may be on the way out…

My question is–is it time to have the shocks/struts checked out–and if it’s time to change shocks— should I change all 4?

Thank you!

Sounds like a tie-rod end or a bushing.

Yup, I would have the suspension checked out before I started replacing stuff. If it does need shocks, I normally replace all four at once.

I agree that the specific problem you had was not likely shocks or struts, but I would suggest have them checked when you have those suspension parts checked/replaced.

if it is a tie rod or bushing as mentioned–is it safe to drive the car? I ask because I’m scheduled to go to Myrtle Beach after Christmas for several days and would like to take the Nissan but obviously won’t if this can become a dangerous deal…I guess i’m thinking like since it’s a 1994–if there is something wrong I may have to wait for parts:-)

I submit that it’s time to get them checked out. After 14 years things elastomeric can have shrunk, split, and/or lost their elasticity. That includes bushings, strut mounts, and the seals inside the struts.

One comment: deterioration in a vehicle’s ride happens very gradually, so gradually that the operator adjusts with it and often doesn’t even notice the change. A car that you’ve been driving every day for 14 years can be a very different very tired car and can still feel great to you.

I wanted to post back and let you know that the diagnosis was worn bushings and front sway bar links. these were replaced…I drove home and went over my local speed bumps and …no noise!
Thanks for the diagnostics.