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Shock leakage

I took my car for an oil chg at Midas, and the guy told me that the front and the back of my shocks were leaking and b/c it was a low mileage 26,000 miles that i should take it to the dealer and have it fix under the warranty. I did so but the dealer said that it was normal to have some oil leaking and it was only 10% and they dont fix it until it’s about 25% filled. I dont know who to believe because 1) my warranty is about to expired 2) i read about this problem to other ppl who own a camry

any advise ?

I find it very hard to believe that is it allowable for Toyota shocks to leak even a little bit.

well unfortunately that’s what the guy at the dealer told me. do u have any advice?

What Model Year Is This Camry?

It’s a 2007

You Can Try And Talk Toyota Into New Shocks/Struts, But They Probably Won’t.

At least get it in writing on a Repair Order that shows the specific complaint of leaking shocks/struts, front and rear, miles, date, etcetera.

Toyota issued a Technical Service Bulletin for 2006 & 2007 Toyota cars with pictures and descriptions of how much seepage and leakage is “normal” and “abnormal” for their shocks/struts.

Light to moderate seepage is “normal”.
“Abnormal” leakage calls for replacement.

Generally the oil wetting the strut has to extend beyond the spring seat or in the case of a shock, beyond about a third of the shock’s length.

Most seals have a little seepage. A totally dry seal would probable “burn up”.

I’m not sure these are covered by warranty, anyhow. What does the warranty say that came with the Camry?


Some car makers do state a tiny bit of oil weepage is acceptable but this amount should be nothing more than a small, faint oil film that is only noticeable due to dust adhering to the oil film.

How do they determine this 10% figure? They can’t and this bit about waiting until it’s 25% sounds like a brush off.

Based on what Midas says and even using that 10% figure, sounds like it’s time for a warranty repair.
Maybe you need to contact Toyota Motor Compnay’s regional office and drag them into this because you can bet your bottom dollar when the warranty expires those 10% faulty shocks may instantly become 100% faulty on your dime.

Ask Toyota about this alleged 25% figure and see if they know anything about it.
What the dealer makes on a shock/strut job varies, a LOT, depending on whether it’s warranty or customer pay.

Warranty only allows a reduced labor time and rate along with limiting the parts markup to something like 25% maximum. Customer pay means the shop charges the full flat rate labor charge (time and rate) along with a larger markup on the parts.

OK4450, Take A Look At Toyota’s TSB For 06 - 07 Cars.
I think that’s what they’re going by for seepage and leakage. It might be like fighting City Hall.


I would not trust the Midas guy, one tricked my wife (before we met) into replacing shocks that were perfectly good. I also can’t imagine how the Toyota folks know what % full the struts are…I guess you might try to find a good independent mechanic for a 3rd opinion.

I suspect you are at a dead end for warranty work. However my question is: How are the struts working? If they are doing fine and do not show any problems more than that Toyota indicates is OK, I would stick with them. Keep watching them and if you have a question have them checked by an alignment shop. Sometime along the line they will start showing evidence of wear and then you replace them.