07 Camry struts

I was also told today (by Les Schwab) after they rotated my tires that I had four leaking struts - maybe that is a weakness of that model?

I only have about 20K on my car. Is it dangerous? I have a longish car trip planned for next week.

The odds of having 2 leaking struts, much less 4 of them, on an '07 Camry with only 20k miles is about as close to zero as you can get.

I’m of the opinion they were trying to pull a fast one on you. Find another facility to do your service work.

Have them show you the struts. If you see the entire assembly covered in oily grit, you have “leaking” or blown struts. If they try to say, “look at that little bit of seepage!” that is fairly normal and of no concern. There is a 99.999999% chance there is nothing wrong with your struts and you need to find a different mechanic. Even the current MAP recommendations of preventative strut replacement at 50k miles is a little over the top, IMO.

Of course may places have oil handy to make sure the strut looks like it was leaking. In this cars new car low mileage makes four struts less likely than being stuck by lightning in a snow storm in south Florida.

I agree with the others who stated that it is extremely unlikely–bordering on impossible–for your fairly new Camry to have 4 bad struts. This is a very clear indication that you need to avoid that service facility in the future, as they are not to be trusted.

It’s Unanimous. The Advice Says To “Strut” On Out Of That Place.

The folks at the tire rotation shop may not have been trying to scam you. They maybe just don’t know what they’re talking about.

As has been pointed out to you, a certain amount of seepage is normal. However, determining what is normal and what is excessive can be confusing, even for Toyota.

Here’s what you can do. The next time your car is at the dealer (It must still be under warranty), have a Toyota technician inspect the struts.

Toyota technicians have access to a 4 page document called a Technical Service Bulletin or TSB that helps them decide when seepage/leaking of shocks and struts is excessive. The bulletin, TSB #SU007-06, Shock Absorber Replacement Critera, has illustrations of oil seepage and leaks of differnt styles and designs of Toyota struts and shocks. It actually has pictures of slight seepage, moderate seepage, and several degrees of oil leaks. A Toyota technician can assess seepage / leaks properly.

Does the car handle and drive as it always has? If so then you should be good to go on that trip. If you’re in doubt then take it to the dealer. They will have to charge you for labor to check out the struts, though.


Find another mechanic FAST. This place is SLEAZE. There is no way all 4 struts are leaking…Second…if they were…it would be covered under warranty. NEVER EVER take your car back to these crooks…and warn all your friends.

Some 30 years ago, a female colleague took her car to a chain muffler shop for exhaust work. She just happened to see the technician squirt oil on the shock absorbers. A few minutes later, he came into the waiting room and told her that her shock absorbers were worn out. She looked at him and said, “If the shock absorbers are worn out, why did you go to the trouble of oiling them?” The technician didn’t say another word.

It’s possibler to have 4 bad struts at 20K if:

You use it as a taxi in the worst parts of Chicago, New York or Washington DC or,
You spend most of your time re-enacting scenes from Bullitt, Dukes of Hazard or The A Team or
Some prankster took to your strut rods with a file.

I think this car should be still under warranty. 4 shocks that are gone should be checked by the dealer.
Something fishy here.

" They will have to charge you for labor to check out the struts, though. "

Not if the struts are bad, which I seriously doubt. Even if they aren’t bad, I think most dealers who are told this story would give the customer a free check, especially if it is due for an oil change and you get it done there.

That’s Just About What I Said. Have Them Look At It Next Time It’s In For Service Or Take It Now And Plan On Paying (Like You Say, It’s Probably Not Warranty).