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From Syracuse, NY but raised in Phoenix, NY until late 1956
USAF veteran; Teletype (1), SS (2); SAC (2); Reserve (1) (1956-1962)
College GI Bill, RIT Photography '61-'63; RIT '99-'01 MS
Places lived: NY, TX, CA, Turkey, NY, CO, CA, TX, CA, NV, NY, CA, TX, FL, TX, CA, CO (lots of driving!)
Taught photography: AIMS CC, Greeley, CO; MPC, Monterey, CA; Rice University, Houston, TX; Private workshops
Owned 20 vehicles including a '57 Healey, '65 MGB, '5? Land Rover 109, '80 Rover 3500 S1, '80 Kawa Classic, '87 Vanagon, '92 Rodeo, '77 GMC Elleaganza II (still own), '03 Audi Avant 2.0T, '08 Audi Avant 3.2 (still own).
Audis the best but not particularly the most enjoyed.