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2005 Honda CR-V gear shift wouldn’t move up

My gear shift stuck in Drive twice in the past two days. I cannot move the gear upwards, but I can move it downwards. I took the car to two auto shops and no one found the problem.

Usually, a worned bushing inside the shifter basket will cause that.Have a good independant shop fix it.

Thank you very much for the suggestion! I will have the auto shop to check it later.

I forgot to mention that the problem goes away when I drive my car uphill and then stop. I drove mycar without problems at all today. Any more suggestions. Thanks.

Might be related to the brake interlock safety function. The symptoms aren’t exactly consistent with that, but might be worth exploring. Easy enough to do. Try stepping/releasing the brake pedal in various ways when this happens.

Thank you very much for your wonderful suggestion! I will definitely try the method when the gear shift sticks again. Last Friday after my car rolled down from the tow truck, the problem was gone. Then the past Sunday the problem was gone when I drove uphill and stopped. An erratic car!

Years ago I got stuck out in the middle of the desert, driving a rental car, I couldn’t get the gear shift lever to move out of P. Then I noticed a sticker on the dashboard: “Notice: If the gear shift lever won’t move, try stepping on the brake pedal.” Since I’m currently no longer stranded in a remote southern Calif desert, that method obviously worked for me anyway … lol .

Thanks for sharing your experience. Your story definitely tops my story, especially the desert part.

Perhaps an early 1990’s Ford, brake shift inter lock has been common since the 1990’s. In the late 1990’s I installed brake shift inter lock systems on vehicles as a recall repair.

Anyone under the age of 70 should be familiar with the need to apply the brake to shift from park.

Applying the brake should not be a factor with shifting from drive to park.

Just a thought: Wonder if the transmission mount could be worn causing a bad angle for the linkage. But probably alongside of a bad bushing. The mounts on the 2005s are spongy to begin with.

Thank you very much for pointing out another possibility! I will ask the mechanic to check the bushing and transmission mount when my gear sticks again. I took my car to Honda dealer shop and a transmission shop Last Friday and the past Monday. But they couldn’t reproduce the problem of sticking gear and they found no problem. It is very frustrating.

I had a problem with one, a penny had fallen under the shifter boot and caused intermittent problems.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me. Another possibility.

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