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SHIFTING 2009 Hyundai Elantra

Does anybody other than me, find the shifting pattern exasperating, or even potentially dangerous? Try a quick reverse at night with traffic coming at you.@$#%#

Bill, Is This A Manual Transmission Or An Automatic (Usually Automatics Don’t Have “Shift Patterns”) ?

For those of us who have never driven (nor sat in) a Hyundai Elantra, please describe the pattern and the problem(s) it causes. Maybe drivers of other vehicles have similar experiences.

I’ve driven manual trans cars that have unconventional shift patterns that take some time before they become easy to use.


from the looks of it, the shifter could possibly touch and/or catch on the hand brake lever

If he’s talking about an automatic, he may be worried about the transmission shifter going in a non-linear way:

Many cars have these, and if they were dangerous, no carmaker would have them.

I know that the manual Elantra Touring has its Reverse left and up next to 1st, just like many German cars. But there’s a lockout collar that you have to pull up to get reverse.

In most automatic with that shift gate, I think pushing to the right and up is equivalent to pushing in that button to get to reverse. Simply pull it back and the shifter snaps to center via a spring. There’s a reason why that shift gate look the way it does.