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2005 Hyundai Elantra resistant gear shift into 1st gear


My 2005 Hyundai Elantra has 85,000 miles and we are having trouble with the gear shift. It will not shift into 1st from neutral but will shift into 1st from 2nd. We recently replaced the clutch (about 3 months ago). We are about to go on a road trip and are wondering whether we should get it checked out before hand. Any ideas what could be causing this proble,?

Thank you!


What happens when shifting from neutral to reverse. If it grinds your clutch is likely dragging. If you continue to crunch the gears the transmission won’t survive long.

Usually it is not difficult to shift from neutral to reverse; it occasionally will not shift easily but it does not grind.

I think you’ve either got air in the line or the one of the cylinders it leaking. Is the fluid level at the normal level?

Maybe a syncro going out?

You have already replaced the clutch. How did it fail? Was the car driven for several months with the clutch dragging?

The clutch fluid is at the normal level. We got the clutch replaced because it started to slip during acceleration, and the mechanic told us that the clutch plate was worn out.

It sounds like a synchro to me…

Hmm that’s bad news. Thanks for your help.

Turned out to be a broken linkage. phew…