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Shifter Stuck

I have a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, 2.4, 4-cyl automatic. While pulling into a parking space, the driver in the vehicle next to me threw her door open. I braked quickly (but did not slam on the brakes) to avoid hitting the door then continued into the space after she closed her door. I then tried to put my car in reverse to re-position it in the parking slot. The shifter on the console would not go into REVERSE and obviously not into PARK since PARK on the shifter is above REVERSE. The shifter will go into both DRIVE and NEUTRAL. I now have a car that will go only forward. Also, I cannot remove the key from the ignition switch since the shifter will not go into PARK. I’ve not had a problem like this with this or any car before.

I also noticed that my ABS/ESC has been coming on more frequently and staying on and I attributed that to a bad sensor since my brakes are in good shape and I have not had to rely on the ABS system. I don’t believe that the ABS/ESC warning light and the shifter problem are connected but I’m not totally sure. Any ideas why my shifter won’t go into REVERSE or PARK???


Have you tried to put it into park after you shut off the engine? If it goes into reverse and park then, you could have a bad speed sensor. Other than that, this is kind of typical for a broken motor mount or transmission mount, but it usually takes more force than a quick stop to break one.

Probably not a broken mount, and probably just a coincidence. This car should have a cable for the shifter, & it’s probably jammed up.