Sheet metal repair patch

Question for the body workers out there ( in here ? )

1992 Ford Explorer 4door.

Who makes a repair corner for the common rust through area ; in front of the rear wheel well, Rear of the rocker panel, lower rear corner of rear door opening ?

LMC truck shows something that might be it, #50-9820/1 @ 50 dollars each but the illustration is not exact enough to be sure. And I’ve seen repair caps for my 79 Chevy cab rear lower corners.

Does anyone know a good source or is the LMC part correct ?

Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.

Corporate Office
700 East Bonita Avenue
Pomona, CA 91767

Phone (909) 624-8041
Toll Free (800) 772-5557
Fax (909) 624-9136

Call Keystone, they might have patch panels for this.

Keystone didn’t have what I need, but I found some at ( just to inform anyone else reading the post. )