Rear liftgate hinges broke :(

Hello everyone. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer 2 door.

The hinges on my glass liftgate unfortunately gave out on me when opening the glass, not the entire back. the top of the glass fell, but the wires caught it and kept it just hanging, however one wire did unfortunately come off. I think it’s the defrost wire. Thankfully the glass is fine. The suspension/strong arm on the sides that actually lift the gate are still working. One popped off but I believe I can get it back on by just pushing it in, unfortunately the hinges are broken. They’re still attached to the car, but the pieces that attach to the glass are gone.

What type of repair shop do I take this to? Would safelight or other windshield places have hinges?
Also, how much do you believe I’d be looking at for this? Tomorrow is the only day I can do this, school starts on Tuesday and Monday is of course a holiday.

I’d try the repair myself, but I only found hinges from Autozone that have 1 star reviews and apparently don’t come with bolts to secure the hinge.

Usually you get that kind of part from a junk yard, (auto recycler)

And get to know them. Because you might need them in the future?


Tester, the junk yard I found only has 1991-1998 Explorers. Will these hinges still work?

Also if you don’t mind, what should I bring to the junkyard to secure the part? And to put the hing e onto my vehicle? I’m very very mechanically ignorant

If I understand your question correctly, you prefer to have the work done and are only asking what type of shop does these types of repairs. The answer is body shops. This is right up their alley.

Mountainbike, if I went to a junk yard, got the hinges myself, and went to a body shop, would they do the work? That would be much less expensive. If you could poissibly even give just an opinion on what the cost would be if I did bring in the part.

That’s what you have to find out.

You’re on the internet.

Do some searching!

The tool is right in front of you!


I don’t mind doing this myself, if it’s a pretty idiot proof repair. It seems easy enough, undo a few bolts with a socket wrench and pop the new ones in. Am I right?

I’d guess that they’d do the work, since the parts will clearly be either right or wrong, but they’ll make up for the lost parts markup in the price anyway. I doubt if they’d charge much anyway. For them this is a pretty minor repair. It’s free to ask them.

You can have all the tools in the world, but if the parts don’t match?

Might as well sit down and open a beer.


Man, I did a search for lifthatches on older models, but can not for my life find specs to actually match up to each other and even see if it’s the right part.