2002 Ford Explorer front right side damaged from running off road

My son ran off the road in a neighborhood and hit some large rocks along side the street. It punctured the front right side and obvioulsly damaged the steering because now it drives terribly and instead of the steering wheel handles being side to side it is 90 degrees perpendicular. The service station I usee said it has a bent frame and will need to be taken to a body shop. Will the cost to fix it be worth it especially due to its age? I appreciate your advice.

It’s probably worth less than $2,000, sounds like it’ll cost more than that to fix. Might be worth having a body shop take a look. Are you wanting to keep this off of your insurance?

I agree that it sounds like the repair will cost more than the car is worth and that an estimate from a body shop would be a good idea before making any final decisions.

Was the car in good shape otherwise? How much does he have to spend on a replacement vehicle?